5 Findings on Connecting High School Students to Apprenticeship

From New America:

As policymakers contemplate new ways to prepare students for college and careers, youth apprenticeship stands out as a compelling option. Research from New America’s Center on Education & Skills (CESNA) suggests youth apprenticeship is gaining steam in many states.

In a new report, Youth Apprenticeship in America Today: Connecting High School Students to Apprenticeship, produced with support from the Siemens Foundation, Brent Parton summarizes findings from a year-long research effort that included focus groups, polling, a national landscape scan, and interviews with practitioners and national experts.  The report looks back at the history of youth apprenticeship in the U.S. and analyzes current trends to offer five key findings, which include: public openness to youth apprenticeship, insights from a diverse landscape of existing programs, and profiles of state strategies underway to expand youth apprenticeship opportunities in high-demand industries like advanced manufacturing, business services, information technology, and healthcare.