Integrating Schools and Industry for a More Innovative Society

From Innovation Management:

Author is suggesting that with the advent of the 4th industrial revolution children ought to start contributing to progress at the age of 6 years, through a learning-oriented but paid work for 3 hours per day, indeed with involvement in the hi-tech end of things. The future is now, and there is no more learning and preparing for the future.

1. The passive mode of the current school education

I have dealt with the education domain for many decades, in the academy and business, I have trained hundreds of people and companies, this on the international scope, and this is my experience. I do not exaggerate when I say I believe the current school systems everywhere in the world, public and private, represent a great waste of money and time for humanity. The current school system might have been good up to some 50 years ago, but is definitely obsolete for our time. So much has changed in the last thirty years and we are still practicing an ancient education system.

The current system is mainly about keeping the young people busy outside the home for so many hours per day! Putting young people for some 10 – 12 years in the school system in buildings, keeping them in a passive mode of just receiving for a long period of their lives, just getting prepared for the future, i.e. for the big day when they can join society, is in my opinion a serious human rights violation.

1.1. Little practical value is gained in the present school

The school is here, and real life is there. There is a gigantic gap between school and real life.

Most of the things that are learned in school are of no practical value to the future life. Almost nothing will be used of what we learn at school except possibly in the narrow field of specialization later, if going to college or university. The school is here, and real life is there. There is a gigantic gap between school and real life. You are getting prepared for real life, but it is all in the future and not now.  All that is useful in life is taught outside the school: Swimming, bike riding, photography, martial art, cooking, driving license, dancing, carpentry, haircut, repair things at home, how to sew a shirt, how to repair a motor, how to repair a mobile, how to find a job ..

it is all about “pretend” at school. Nothing tangible is done. School is mainly about theory and pretend we are doing this and solving this problem, but never doing a real thing. When looking back, the school years are like a big empty hole in our memory and existence. Most successful people on the planet, including great scientists, were not that good at school.

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