Small Manufacturers Make a Big Difference

From the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Manufacturing Innovation Blog:

By Zara Brunner


How do we reach the next generation, change their perceptions about manufacturing, and let them know about available career opportunities? 

Manufacturing Day and other initiatives are critical.  Equally so is the time those of you in industry devote year-round in your communities, which I believe can add up in a big way in reaching students and inspiring them to consider manufacturing careers.

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in Career Day at Robert Frost Middle School in my hometown of Rockville, Maryland.  I was with a whole classroom filled with eager seventh graders, being taught by my eighth grade son’s favorite former teacher (you know who you are JC!).  Of course, I had the slot right after lunch!  What could I say to them about my career?  How could I inspire them?

I taught them about today’s manufacturing.

In doing so, I used every trick up my sleeve to leverage how children are used to receiving information in our present-day technology-rich environment.  This included infographics, videos, and an HQ-style trivia game (sans the cash prize, but with a few personally supplied “prizes” complete with the telling of the item’s Made in the USA story).

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