Changing Dynamics: Create Centre opens doors for Manufacturers Appreciation Week

From The Daily Tribune:

Business leaders and local government representatives took a tour of the Shaw CreateCentre Wednesday as part of the Cartersville-Bartow County Chamber of Commerce’s annualManufacturers Appreciation Week program.

The 67,000-square-foot facility on Douthit Ferry Road in West Cartersville opened lastOctober. The three-story, $24 million building hosts designers, marketers and innovationassociates for Shaw Industries’ Shaw Contract and Patcraft brands.

The centre is currently home to 130 employees, about 50 of whom will move into a newcustom design studio at Shaw Plant 94 on Old Mill Road once renovations are completed.

“The building is really based on this open-office model,” said Shannon Cochran,vice president of creative and product development for Patcraft. “We have a lot of focus rooms that allows forindividual work, also a lot of collaborative and impromptu spaces for meetings. It’sreally to promote trust and innovation and we wanted it to be a transparent space whereeveryone has flexible work options that has kind of been the new corner office, so tospeak.”

With John Lennon quotes posted on the facility walls and several work spaces named afterchildhood favorite toys like Rubik’s Cube and Lite-Brite, the centre demonstrates the changingdynamics of contemporary manufacturing. Instead of hard concrete floors and rows and rowsof metallic shelves, the centre features flooring with built in “step-counting” sensors,noise-canceling personal booths ideal for handling phone calls and even rooms for employees to shower.

And no matter where an employee may be in the building, odds are they’re never more thana few steps away from a coffee maker.

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